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How does the guarantee work?

It's quite simple really.

All clients have the right to a full refund, at any time, for any reason, up to the offer of an unlimited/unbefristet lease, or until the signing of a limited/befristet lease (if the client decides to accept a limited lease).

What counts as an offer?


A real offer. An offer only comes after you have formally applied for the apartment - meaning that you have visited the unit in person, have expressed to me that you want it, have signed the self-disclosure/application form, and we have received confirmation that you have been chosen as the final candidate.

What happens if I don't want the flat I have been offered?

Of course, you have the right to turn down this offer - no one can force you to sign a lease. However, a refund is no longer possible after this point. But other than this, there are no other changes to our project - we simply continue working together until you have the flat that you want. But please, if you don't want the apartment, we should not apply for it. Not only does this compromise the trust that I have worked hard to establish with agents and landlords but it wastes your time, my time, and the agent's time.

What if I "find an apartment on my own"?

If you would like to find an apartment on your own, please do not attempt to hire me. Once we have begun your flat search, all unlimited lease offers count. If your long-lost great aunt calls you to offer you an unlimited lease apartment in Berlin, then we both just got lucky.

What if I opt for a limited/"befristet" flat?

That is your decision. Sometimes indeed the math checks out. An offer of a befristet lease does not count as an offer for the purposes above, however once your lease is signed there is (obviously) no further option of a refund.


Does BerlinRelo also have the right to call off the project at any point for any reason?


Yes. In such a situation the client will receive a full and immediate refund.

Any further questions?

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